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Wimbledon circa 1900

3 available 360 to 440 (used) Sold
The "Wimbledon" are named after the Wimbledon Tennis Tournaments. This tournament is considered one of the oldest and most prestigious in the world. These rackets are in exceptional condition and some were actually purchased by players during the Wimbledon Tournaments between 1898 to 1905 and remained. The rackets have double main strings and trebling at the head and throat. The rackets made by Henry Craven and his assistant Joseph Ward of Surrey Tennis, Reigate Road, Burgh Heath, Surrey.

Original NeoXxline Pro Tour (carvin star)

550 used
The racket originally designed in Sweden in the 1980s and manufactured by Neoxxline, a German company. Although it looks weird the designers say the grip shape helps ease pressure on the wrist on serves and volleys and the head shape generates more spin because of the angle the strings are at on contact with the ball. The racket has been marketed under several names and has been popular with players suffering from tennis elbow problems. This racket has been used with a few small chips on the frame. Please view photographs for condition.
www.surreytennis.etsy.com A unique collectors item, but equally suitable for playing.

Excelsior Tilt-Head with Fishtail handle c1894

2,850.00 used
Unique Excelsior Lopsided tennis racket with Fishtail Handle c1894. Lopsided rackets were popular and made to order until the early 1900s. Many players believed the shape of the racket helped with hitting a low ball in garden (lawn) tennis. This racket was made for a local family in Surrey and has remained in the family for several generations. This may be the only tilt headed racket ever made with a fishtail handle. The racket is 27ins long and is named after the Excelsior Ash tree that the head was made from. Further information and photos at


Antique Queens Club Mahogany Tennis Racket Press

 650 used
One of only 6 racket presses ordered by the Queens Club for tournament prizes. Made in solid mahogany with 3 dividers, enabling up to 4 rackets to be held. Brass fittings engraved with "Queens Club" on one side. The Queens Club. established in 1886 is one of the most prestigious tennis clubs in the world, where tennis championships continue to be played. Further information and photos at www.surreytennis.etsy.com

MacGregor Bergelin Long String

580 used SOLD
Considered the most unusual tennis racquet ever produced, the MacGregor Bergelin LongString with its heptagonal head and diagonal strings is a must have for vintage tennis racquet collectors. Up for sale is the most beautiful version of the LongString with a graceful curved bridge to create a larger racquet face and a symetrical throat. The MacGregor Bergelin LongString tennis racket was notable not only for its diagonal string pattern, but for its unique adjustable tensioning system. The Bergelin LongString System was designed and patented in 1986 by German aeronautics engineer Herwig Fischer, used by Lennart Bergelin, the Davis Cup winner and former coach of Bjorn Borg. The tensioning system comprised a series of 64 very small nylon pulleys built into the six-sided graphite head. The face was strung with two 28-foot lengths of string that looped around the pulleys and converged in the handle. The ends of the string were inserted into an aluminium block only visible through an opening in the base of the handle. The strings were tightened by an allen key devise. The racket can be restrung by hand. Grip 4 3/8. The racket has been used with some superficial marks on the top of the frame. The racket comes in its original case with players manual and tension adjustment knob.


The "Surrey" Transitional Flat-Head from 1874

The Surrey was the first racket to be made by Surrey Tennis at H. J. Craven's workshop at Burgh Heath. The "Surrey" was also made for several sports shops and department stores in London and often branded under different names. The Surrey was made between 1874 until 1910 with slight modifications. In 1879 the Surrey Club was introduced, an identical racket with a fantail handle. 


Special Demon Fishtail c1890

280 used  SOLD
The Demon was Slazengers most famous racket made from 1888 through to the 1920s. This racket is their special edition to the Demon family and with their fishtail handle is a very sought after collectors item. It has original natural gut strings for mains and original red natural gut cross strings. Only one broken cross string. The racket was sold by the Whiteley Department Store in Westbourne Grove and has their gold stamp on one side of the neck. The other side displays the Demon trade mark and on the head stamped "Special Demon". (please click on image for photo page)

Premier Fishtail - James (Jas) Shoolbred & Co, London c1900

340 used
A very nice example of a Fishtail racket with double main strings purchased by Ethal Woodcraft from James Shoolbred, a department store in Tottenham Court Road, London. Ethal Woodcraft was a tennis enthusiast playing at several local tennis clubs including Heydon Basin, Maldon and Danbury. This tennis racket remained in the family for 3 generations. The racket has the original natural gut strings, mains with the red cross strings and no warps or cracks in the wood. Only one main string is broken. (Please click on photograph to go to the photo page). This fishtail is stamped "Premier" on the Head and "Jas Shoolbred" on the neck.

Snauwaert Ergonom

250 SOLD
Snauwaert, an Italian business, was founded in 1928 by the brothers-in-law Valler Snauwaert and Eugeen Depla from Belgium.
The "Ergonom" is one of the most unusual rackets ever produced, featuring a rotating head. It was designed and patented in the 1980s by Carlo Gibello. A rare and very unusual tennis racket. Superb unused condition with original strings and case and no marks on frame.

Very Rare Badminton Racket, Circa 1878

320 used SOLD
A very interesting and rare, well balanced light weight badminton racket measuring 21.5ins long by 7ins wide. It is stamped "London" at the head and is attributed to John Holden of Upper Baker Street, London NW. A very well constructed racket with no warping, cracks or splits in the wood and one of the best examples of this period. 
Badminton is derived directly from poona, which was played by British army officers stationed in India in the 1860s. Badminton became popular in England in the 1870s when British army officers returned from India. John Holden was a Society Racket Craftsman producing rackets for Royalty and the famous including Ernest Renshaw, who together with his twin brother, William won the mens doubles at Wimbledon 5 times. He also supplied rackets to shops including the Army and Navy stores with the familiar "London" stamp on the head of the racket. In 1872 he opened his tennis racket shop at 10 Upper Baker Street which at that time was a prestigious London Street close to Regents Park where a small area in the park was available for playing tennis. The business later moved to nearby 68 St John's Wood Road in the 1880s and opened its own indoor tennis court. The racket incorporates an Ash frame and three other types of wood appear to have been introduced into the making of this racket. Strung in natural sheep gut. This is one of the earliest UK made badminton rackets we have found. (please click on image for photo page)


180 new with head cover and strung. grip 4 1/8
PRO-SPEED tennis rackets were developed to meet the exacting demands of players internationally and created with quality materials and the finest graphite in the 1990s. They became fashion icons with limited edition designs and are in demand by collectors. The frames were identical. The racket design above is called "The Lady" in metallic pinks and silver. It still has the original protective covering on the handle.


260 used SOLD
A Slazenger Demon strung in natural sheep gut. There is no warping and no broken strings and appears to have the original collars. It is embossed on one side of the neck with the Demon motif and on the other indicates a faint dealers decal with the word "Manchester" just visible. Fishtails have become one of the most sought after rackets for collectors. (Please click on photo to see more pictures.)


540 used SOLD
One of the finest and rarest tennis rackets of this period sold by John Philip Browne and the eccentric Arthur Huggins Heppell "Professor Cyril". Made in a high gloss quality frame with original strings and leather strip around top of frame to protect the racket. Only one string brake at the frame edge. Stamped "The Premier" at the top with the Browne and Heppell sports logo at the neck. "The Premier" was one of Brown & Heppells finest rackets to be sold and possibly the first tennis racket to retail at the price of one guinea (twice the price of many other quality rackets of this period). The racket was actually "The Surrey" which was branded and sold by Browne & Heppell as "The Premier".
Features of this racket include the finest natural gut golden coloured strings supplied by importers, Heymans of Finsbury Square, London. Original red trebling, one of the first 19th century rackets seen with coloured trebling and the racket still retains the beautiful gloss wood finish.
Browne and Heppell manufactured and sold sports equipment to the highest standards and had sports premises at Arlington Square, Islington and at Old Street and Finsbury Pavement in the City of London. Arthur H. Heppell retired from the business in 1897 and moved to the South Coast to live. Sadly his eccentric lifestyle came to an end when whilst entertaining people cycling off Brighton's West Pier into the sea, his bicycle toppled off a ramp and he struck his head.   


The Doherty Brothers dominated tennis from 1897 to 1906 capturing 9 Wimbledon single titles between them and the Davis Cup four years in a row. Slazenger produced a special edition Doherty tennis racket. This racket although well used has no warps or broken strings. It still shows the Doherty name in gold on the neck and the usual Slazenger brand and patent mark impressions. A very rare racket to find


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