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Surrey Tennis provides a comprehensive restringing and repair service on all badminton, lawn tennis, real tennis, racquetball and squash rackets.  We are able to provide a fast pick up and delivery service to local sports shops, clubs and tournaments and can provide a 2 hour stringing service in Leatherhead at no extra charge.

Modern Rackets Restring from £10,
includes tennis, squash,

Real (Royal) Tennis restring from £18,   Badminton £20,   Antique Rackets from £24

UKRSA, ERSA, USRSA Certified Stringers, Pro-Speed Master Tournament Stringers & Racket Technicians 


 Some Of Our Popular Tennis, Squash & Badminton Strings

 Ref. 040 Babolat Touch VS Natural Gut, Tennis used by many professionals, power, elasticity, soft at high tensions, holds tensions for longer.

 Ref. 014 Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough, Tennis used by many professionals, power, optimum spin

 Ref. 003 Surrey Tennis Synthetic Gut by Babolat Tennis polymide core, comfort, durability & affordable

 Ref. 007 Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex Tennis allround performance, most popular synthetic gut strings

 Ref. 012 Babolat RPM Blast (black) Tennis monofilament, control, spin, durability

 Ref. 012 Babolat XCEL Tennis multifilament, comfort, power

 Ref. 014 Wilson NXT Tennis multifilament, comfort, feel and power

 Ref. 008 Wilson Sensation Tennis nylon fibres, dynamic elasticity

 Ref. 003 Pro’s Pro Plus Power Tennis orange high tech polyester, durability, comfort, high power

 Ref. 010 Luxilon Adrenaline Tennis polyester, quality performance and power

 Ref. 008 Toalson Philip Craven Tennis Academy Competition Tennis nylon, elasticity helps tennis elbow

 Ref. 017 Tecnifibre NRG2 Tennis multifilament, touch and feel

 Ref. 009 Solinco Hyper-G 105 Tennis polyester, power and spin

 Ref. 007 Head Perfect Power Tennis & Squash multifilament, power, durability, comfort

 Ref. 011 Tecnifibre 305 Squash green multifilament, comfort, high ball speed

 Ref. 009 RAB Razor Fibre Squash black multifilament, spin potential

 Ref. 006 Yonex BG65Ti Badminton titanium hybrid for hard hitters, maximum feel

 Ref. 006 Ashaway ZyMax69 Fire Badminton Beta Polymer multifilament durability, strong, elasticity

 Ref. 004 Pro’s Pro Ultimate Badminton Two filament layers, durability and power

NATURAL GUT is still preferred by many professional tennis players and the a popular string used in many badminton tournaments. It is the most power string, remains soft at high tensions and holds tension better than all other strings. Using natural gut strings will cause less physical problems like Tennis Elbow. Originally natural gut came from sheep gut. After the larger headed tennis rackets were introduced the gut produced by sheep was too short for one piece stringing. Now most of the natural gut strings are made from beef gut which can be produced in lengths of 40+ feet in length. Popular strings used by professionals include Babolat VS. The production of natural gut strings have improved considerably during the last few years, being more durable with waterproof coatings. Although natural gut is one of the top performing strings it more expensive than the best synthetic strings.

There is still no synthetic substitute for natural gut strings. There are many synthetic strings on the market in a variety of colours. Nylon, Polyester, Multifilaments, Kevlar.

Tensions are measured in lbs and kilograms and are often printed on the racket frame. Most tennis rackets are strung between 50 -70 lbs, squash rackets 22-30 lbs, badminton 15-30 lbs. String tension is actually the pull tension set on stringing machines, not the final tension on the racket. Often 10% tension is lost during the stringing process and a gradual further loss whilst the strings remain the racket. Tension loss is quite normal on all strings. Players should not adjust the machine pull tension to compensate for the loss in tension. Tests have shown that most players cannot detect a difference of 15 lbs between string tensions and most professionals a difference of 11 lb


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